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By Andrew Y. Glikson,Colin Groves

The booklet outlines significant milestones within the evolution of the ambience, oceans and biosphere over the past four million years in relation with the evolution from primates to the genus Homo – which uniquely mastered the ignition and move of fireside. the arrival of land vegetation on the grounds that approximately 420 million years in the past ensued in flammable carbon-rich biosphere interfaced with an oxygen-rich surroundings. Born on a flammable Earth floor, below more and more risky climates descending from the hotter Pliocene into the private ice a while of the Pleistocene, human survival trusted both—biological variations and cultural evolution, learning hearth as a need. This allowed the genus to extend entropy in nature by means of orders of importance. accumulated round camp fires in the course of lengthy nights for countless numbers of thousandth of years, captivated by means of the flickering life-like dance of the flames, people built mind's eye, insights, cravings, fears, premonitions of loss of life and thereby aspiration for immortality, omniscience, omnipotence and the idea that of god. Inherent in pantheism used to be the reverence of the Earth, its rocks and its residing creatures, contrasted via the next upward thrust of monotheistic sky-god creeds which regard Earth as yet a hall to heaven. as soon as the weather stabilized within the early Holocene, on the grounds that approximately ~7000 years-ago creation of extra nutrients by means of Neolithic civilization alongside the nice River Valleys has allowed human mind's eye and goals to precise themselves throughout the development of monuments to immortality. extra to burning huge a part of the forests, the invention of combustion and exhumation of carbon from the Earth’s hundreds of thousands of hundreds of thousands of years-old fossil biospheres set the level for an anthropogenic oxidation occasion, affecting an abrupt shift in kingdom of the atmosphere-ocean-cryosphere approach. the resultant ongoing extinction equals the prior 5 nice mass extinctions of species—constituting a geological occasion horizon within the heritage of planet Earth.

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